The BASIX online index is a mandatory sustainability scheme for entire NSW with the purpose of certifying all developments to be designed reducing the use of potable water and to produce less greenhouse gas emissions. Operating as a web-based tool, BASIX is used to assess each new application against specific energy and water reduction targets. It is used to calculate the house or unit’s energy and water scores based on a range of data, including size, location, design features and fixtures.


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BASIX is designed to contribute to energy efficiency and to meet the building code of Australia. As part of the commitment, the development must use the least amount of potable water and be responsible for fewer greenhouse gas emission. It can be achieved and obtained through proper location and siting, proper ventilation, the use of energy rating fixtures and lighting devices, house fabric complying the standards of thermal performance, proper use of insulation, and proper window positioning, glazing and shading.

It is comprised of Four sections: General Description of the Project, Water Efficiency commitments, Thermal Comfort Commitments, and Energy Efficiency commitments that need to pass specific requirements.


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